Interview Broker

Recruiting 2.0

A better way to manage the interview scheduling process

  • Self Scheduling

    Let recruits schedule their own interviews and save time. Stop the flood of phone calls and emails.

  • Interviewers

    Stop chasing down interviewers. Instead, maintain a pool of interviewers who can sign up based on their own availability.

  • Wait Lists

    Let applicants wait list for full interview dates. Fill openings that become available.

  • Magically Simple

    Select your interview dates. Import your recruits. Click to send invitations. Then, print out who is coming on interview day.

Residency applicants prefer online interview scheduling. Read about one residency's experiences with our services in the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine:

Wills C, Hern HG, Alter H. 2015. Residency Applicants Prefer Online System For Scheduling Interviews. Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. 16(2):353-355.

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  •   Only $1.99 per Interview Invitation

    We offer a single, simple plan: $1.99 per interview invitation sent through our services.

    A demo campaign allows you to try it without incurring fees.

    All other email communications are free of charge.

    Recruits can reschedule as many times as they need.

    A $25 activation fee is assessed with the first non-demo campaign invitation sent.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    We have tried to make Interview Broker as intuitive as possible with guidance offered at every step. If you are having difficulty, please start by referencing our FAQ for common problems and quick solutions.
  • Contact Support

    If you cannot find the answer you're looking for in our FAQ, feel free to contact our support staff! Our goal is to make managing your recruiting process as simple as possible!

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  • Only $1.99 per interview invitation.
  • $25 activation fee assessed only at the time of your first live campaign.
  • You're billed based on usage. No monthly or yearly fees.
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Interview Broker is the "must have" platform for residency interviews.
P Johnson MD, Vice Chair of Education
Department of Radiology
Johns Hopkins Medicine
I handle over 100 candidates a year, and this makes the process so much easier!
S Slater, Residency Coordinator
Diagnostic Radiology Residency
Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California
What a difference the right tools can do to help you get your work done with a minimum of effort!
S Burgers, Program Coordinator
Internal Medicine Residency Program
Sanford School of Medicine, University of South Dakota
This is such an incredible improvement over how we have managed this process in the past.
C Wills MD, Associate Program Director
Emergency Medicine Residency Program
Alameda County Medical Center Highland Hospital
The beauty of Interview Broker is that it stopped my phone from ringing. Candidates could reschedule and cancel themselves.
D Harasek, Pediatric Residency Coordinator
Residency in Pediatrics
New York Medical College
Applicants love it. I love it. My program loves it. It's a one-stop shop. It's easy to use, effortless, and keeps you organized.
J Pollak, MBA, Residency Coordinator
Emergency Medicine Residency
Medical College of Wisconsin