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The Interview Process

Most organizations undergo some manner of recruiting on an annual basis. This process invariably requires:

This is a lot of manual effort! We can help.

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We're offering you relief from the need to field telephone calls, read through emails, and update calendars!

Key Features


Virtual Staff: Interview Broker provides applicants the ability to self-schedule their interviews, thereby relieving recruitment managers of the burden of direct email and telephone communications with innumerable applicants. Scheduling and rescheduling of interviews are all applicant driven, minimizing the need for human intervention so that coordinators and managers can be freed up to concentrate on more important matters.

Convenience: Interview Broker provides applicants the freedom to schedule and reschedule their interviews during non-business hours, facilitating their ability to coordinate travel and accommodations while imparting a positive impression of flexibility to your organization. Moreover, your applicants will appreciate the ability to see and reconcile all interviews scheduled through Interview Broker in one central location.

Professionalism: The interview process is often one of the earliest interactions with applicants and, therefore, one of the earliest opportunities to impart a favorable impression of an organization. Often, an inefficient recruitment process can dissuade or disenchant applicants from joining an otherwise solid organization. Interview Broker enhances the recruitment process, introducing a streamlined and professional interaction between the applicant and your organization.

No Fixed Fees: Pursuing an in-house solution or purchasing custom-built software and necessary hardware requires a large investment of capital as well as additional human resources to develop and maintain a system. Why add unnecessary complexity to your organization? Even organizations interviewing hundreds of applicants a year can use Interview Broker's low cost services for years without approaching the costs associated with in-house or some off-the-shelf software products and their associated annual IT maintenance costs.

The Future Is Now: Today's applicants belong to a technologically savvy generation who demand around the clock accessibility. Don't be left behind as programs across the nation move towards online interview scheduling. The question applicants will ask next interview season is why isn't your program using Interview Broker?

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